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South Africa

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Soil & More avoids methane emissions through controlled microbiological composting. The company processes Cape Town’s entire garden and park waste (about 25,000m3 per month).
Before Soil & More’s commitment, this huge amount of green material was land filled and left to rot, thus emitting methane. Now, the city’s green waste is collected and chipped at green waste transfer stations, operated by BEE entrepreneurs. The chipped material is then centrally composted at Soil & More’s composting facility.

Soil & More prevents biomass from being land filled, thus avoiding methane emissions. Due to its outstanding sustainability approach, minimizing waste to landfill, reducing GHG emissions, creating over 60 new jobs and stimulating sustainable agriculture, UNEP recommended Soil & More’s project to all soccer teams participating in the 2010 world championship for flight offsetting.

Validation + Verification certified by TÜV Nord according to Clean Development Mechanism