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Reforestation Sierra Piura

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Peru | The reforestation project is a cooperation between nine caserios in the upper area (3.000 m.a.s.l.) of the Sierra Piura, the Fair Trade Coffee Asociation Cepicafe, local Peruvian farmer organisation NorAndino, Progreso, AVSF-CICDA and two Netherland based companies Just-Green (project development) and ForestSense (techn. assistance).
The aim of the reforestation activities is to develop a long term sustainable foresty program to create a sustainble production of timber and firewood, thereby lowering the pressure on the existing natural forest remnants and the forests in the middel and lower parts of the Sierra Piura (respectively coffee and cacao regions). Part of the financial revenues from carbon credits (generated by the forest plantations at 3000m) will also be invested in adoptation and mitigation measures on the lower situated coffee farms (e.g. by planting shadow trees).

The Sierra Piura has had a high rate of deforestation due to agricultural expansion since the beginning of the last century. Deforestation is continuing and has a high impact on the few remaining natural forest remnants. It has caused local climate change, clean water scarsety, soil depletion, soil erosion and a lack of income opportunities for the local farmers due to a declining agricultural production.

Validation + Verification certified by Technical Team of CarbonFix / GoldStandard according to Gold Standard (Transition)

Aimed Validation certified by Rainforest Alliance according to CarbonFix Standard