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Panama | CO2OL Tropical Mix is a project of the ForestFinance Group. The project has a total area of 3129 distributed in all the country. Degraded pastureland is being reforested with a mix of native tree species and teak. Further in some areas an agroforestry concept with cacao and mix native tree species is managed
ForestFinance offers partners worldwide the opportunity to invest in a forest or agroforestry system. The investment will generate a high value wood and cacao yield. The management and final product is ecologically and socially sustainable at the same time. In the past, the source for tropical timber has been the primary rainforest or large-scale monoculture plantations. The ForestFinance model is based on combining timber production with biodiversity protection and ecosystem restoration. These forests offer a natural habitat for native animals and plants, protect and enrich the soil, save and filter water and contribute to the mitigation of the green house gas effect.

The reforestations of ForestFinance are situated in Panama, a country with a high political stability, the US Dollar as main currency, excellent infrastructure and good quality soils.
ForestFinance chooses their reforestation areas after a close examination of the soil quality. The land was originally covered with primary tropical rainforests, converted to agricultural land and afterwards used for cattle ranging. Now, ForestFinance is re-transforming this land into ecological sound forests.

CO2OL is a brand of ForestFinance and specialized in generating voluntary Carbon Credits from sustainable reforestation projects.

Aimed Validation + Verification certified by Scientific Certification Systems according to Gold Standard (Transition)