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Limay Community Carbon Project

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Nicaragua. The Limay Community Carbon Project is a 7,400 hectare community-based reforestation initiative that regroups small-scale farming families in Nicaragua. Located on one of the regions most critical watersheds, the project is effectively helping to restore one of the country’s most biologically important estuaries.
Through a process of community lead design, the project is developed according to the internationally recognized Plan Vivo Standards, renowned for recognizing the importance of integrating biodiversity and social benefits into carbon offset projects.
Recognizing people’s dependence on forest resources, the Limay Community Carbon Project uses a holistic reforestation model that focuses on improving livelihoods and restoring ecosystems. On an ongoing basis, the project encourages subsistence farmers within the municipality to reforest underutilized portions of their land. In return, they receive payments based on the growth of their trees, which provides a well-needed diversification of income. Through this incentive-based approach, the success of the project is guaranteed by the creation of a balance between people and their environment.