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ArBolivia works with poor communities across the Bolivian Amazon establishing woodlots with native tree species. In addition to this ArBolivia aims to improve land use by introducing climate smart agriculture, forest protection and nature conservation activities. This improves living standards, now and in future, whilst arresting deforestation.
For decades migrant communities from the high plateau have been driven by poverty to settle in the tropical lowlands along the western rim of the Amazon basin, where they are left to eke out a living from the land. Poor farming techniques and lack of capital drive a vicious cycle of soil depletion and slash and burn, leading to devastating rates of deforestation, loss of biodiversity and noticeable changes in local weather patterns - increased flooding in the wet season and prolonged drought in the dry season, with attendant human suffering.

If fully developed, the project will directly benefit at least 3000 families.The reforested surface will be 7,200 hectares, 5,000 has of this will be pure forest plantations, 1,000 hectares with agroforestry and 1,200 hectares conservation areas. Currently over 1,900 hectares of woodlots and agroforestry systems, are establsihed with almost 1,000 smallholders and covering a combined area of approximately 30,000 hectares. Addiitonal ArBolivia introduced new crops and new farming methods which are both more efficient, more sustainable, and thus improving the immediate living standards of the farmers and reducing the need for further clearing.

The ArBolivia project emerged from 5 years of research and development (2002 - 2007) together with local communities and their representatives. ArBolivia is implemented by Sicirec Bolivia ltda (www.arbolivia.org). The PDD was developed in cooperation with CO2OL http://consulting.forestfinance.de

Validation + Verification certified by Technical Team of CarbonFix / GoldStandard according to Gold Standard (Transition)

Validation + Verification certified by Rainforest Alliance according to CarbonFix Standard